Server Changelog 6/8/18

Changelog (6/8/18)

Hello everyone!! It is once again the first Force Wipe of the month! We have quite a bit to talk about involving The Dark Ages Collective as well as changes coming from Facepunch. If you would like to read their devblog it is available here——> Facepunch Puzzle Patch Devblog

Expect a bit longer downtime for this wipe as we have many plugin updates to apply due to changes in the Unity version. Feel free to read over the other changes below while the server is down being wiped and updated! As always we appreciate the support of our community and hope everyone enjoys their time on The Dark Ages Collective Servers!



Dark Ages Collective Specific Changes


1. New Age Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay: As most of you know by now we are in the process of getting a new server ready to launch! We really wanted to try to launch Today, but with Facepunch pushing the force wipe, we will be postponing the launch and attempt to launch Saturday (Tomorrow) or possibly later if something catastrophic happens (Knowing Facepunch, this is highly possible!). We want to address any problems with the patch today so all of the base mechanics are functioning properly. We tried rushing the Western Server and it ended up very badly, so we will not make that mistake this time! We will keep everyone notified on this as we know many players are awaiting it as patiently as possible. Dark Ages Medieval Roleplay will be wiped, updated and situated before I will go back to New Age Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay and address any problems with the update. As we do get closer to launch I would like to remind players to hold their suggestions for the new Roleplay Server until they really get to play on it for a couple of days and as we are able to address garuanteed issues. There are many aspects to the server itself and as with any new server, we expect to have to address issues, bugs, mechanics, community complaints and more! You will have your opportunity to leave feedback and suggestions!


2. Website/Steam-Group Changes: The Dark Ages Collective Website and Steam-Group have been updated to include the information for New Age Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay as well as the normal information on Dark Ages Medieval Roleplay. We have also added a new link called “Collective Partners” on the Website where you can find information on other Servers/Server Owners who run fun Roleplay servers. Be sure to check out our first partner, Fracture Realms RP!


3. Store and Package Changes: In preperation for launch, the Dark Ages Collective Store (Dark Ages Collective Store) has had some changes made. DA Western Roleplay packages have been removed until the re-launch of DA Western when we are ready down the line.

New Age Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay packages have been added as well as new packages for both New Age Post-Apoc and Dark Ages Medieval Fantasy. You can now only purchase VIP+. 10$ VIP has been removed completely. The 14.99$ VIP+ will include full VIP+ perks (/sil access, /reskin access, /crd access, /neon access (NA Only) never lose durability on your torch, full hunger/thirst/health on respawn, and VIP Kits every 3 days.) for both Dark Ages Medieval and New Age Post-Apoc for 30 full days from purchase no matter which server you purchase it for! When we are able to re-launch Dark Ages Wester Roleplay, we will include VIP+ privileges included in the same fee. We will continue to find cool perks to add so be sure to check the VIP+ package overview to see what all it includes!

We have added discounted 3 Month (34.99) and 6 Month (59.99) Dual VIP+ available year round for both servers for those looking to save a little bit of money. We would also like to direct our players to the new /Reskin package (5.99$) which will give you /reskin on both Dark Ages Medieval and New Age Post-Apoc for a full 30 days from the date of purchase!

We would like to also remind everyone that our store is no longer having steam login issues so you are once again free to get all donation packages directly from the store! Be sure to check back once in awhile to see what cool new stuff we add!



Rust Specific Changes


1. Monument Overview: Monument puzzles completely shift the dynamic of looting in Rust. No longer is loot freely scattered around landmarks, requiring players to simply account for other enemies, radiation, and maybe a little parkour to fill their inventory. Instead, security doors, keypads, fuse boxes, and more now stand in the way of many of Rust’s precious goodies. Given this functionality was merged in to the staging branch less than 48 hours ago, it is very much still a work in progress. That means you can expect glitches, exploits, lack of balance, and maybe even some game crashes and hotfixes. That said, this new dynamic stands to drastically shift game progression and overall balance in the long run. Also, monuments in general look a lot more interesting and detailed, so that’s nice. The next few posts summarize the core distinctions of monument puzzles. All is subject to change, so we will make other announcements as needed.


a. Security Doors: Much of the loot at monuments is now locked behind various security doors. To open these doors, you must make sure they have power and the proper level access card to open (Green, Blue, or Red).

Once opened, they will automatically close in a matter of seconds (so move through them quickly). On the inside of each door there is a red button to the left which, when pressed, will open it regardless of if there is power running.

Note: we have noticed some inconsistencies with this in testing, so it may be possible to get trapped (although Facepunch has confirmed it is not intentional).


b. Key Cards: Key cards are a requirement to accessing any security door. There are 3 types of cards Green, Blue, and Red – each with its own level of clearance. Key cards only work on their specific access level (so no using Red cards to open Green doors).

Cards have durability, with a maximum of 10 swipes before they become unusable. In addition, not all cards you find have full durability – so mind your swipes! As expected, you can’t craft cards, they can only be found!

So where do you find them? In general, cards are found on desks located various places around monuments.
Green Cards – the lowest access level – will also drop from scientists periodically.
Blue Cards – middle clearance – will be available for purchase from the tool machine in the Outpost, but they will be very expensive.
Red Cards – top level of clearance – seem to only be found on desks behind blue security doors (makes sense, right?).

Once you have the appropriate access card, you’ll need to make sure the door has power. Enter the Electric Fuse. This new item can be pretty unreliable, but allows electricity to pass through for a short period of time when placed in a fuse box. They cannot be crafted, however, you’ll find them in various loot crates around the map. They can also be recycled for 20 scrap if you end up with more than you need.


c. Fuses, Fuse bBoxes, and Timed Circuits: When trying to solve a puzzle, you’ll want to look for a fuse box in the vicinity of the security doors (they are mounted on walls and often shooting sparks). Open up the box and place your fuse in the single slot. You may need to throw a nearby switch (also mounted on a wall) to get the juice flowing. Hurry up and get to the door with your key card ready to swipe as the circuit will blow within a short amount of time (causing the fuse to disappear). Keep in mind that any passersby can snatch a fuse straight from the box, causing power to be shut off immediately.

There are also timed circuits for certain puzzles. These are similar to normal fuse boxes, but instead of needing to place a fuse item, you can simply activate it to start the timer and get electricity flowing. Keep in mind, this is just a first pass on the functionality. Facepunch has said they plan on adding visible wires and more in the coming month.


d. Manual Overrides: Occasionally you’ll come across blast doors with a manual override wheel next to it. These can be used to circumvent certain security doors (generally green ones) by simply holding ‘use’ on the wheel. Doing so will gradually open the adjacent blast doors. Once the door is raised enough, let go and run under it before it closes.


e. Where are these puzzles?: You’ll find puzzles at most monuments including power plant, launch site, military tunnels, sewers, airfield, train yard, water treatment plant, and harbors. Each monument has its own set of unique puzzles, each with various access levels and solutions.


f. What Loot Do You Get?: Speaking of loot, what can you expect to get for solving all these puzzles?

It already looks like there are more loot boxes in general spawning in certain puzzle areas. The devs have said although there haven’t been many adjustments to loot yet, they have plans to make loot boxes found behind puzzles have twice the amount of items. We also wouldn’t be surprised if we see some other miscellaneous balance shifts to loot tables in general given this new dynamic.

The loot behind each puzzle resets every 30 minutes. Puzzle doors do not close until the puzzle resets. This means you’ll be able to tell if there is loot in there or not. Also, puzzles do not reset if there is a player nearby. If a player is nearby, the timer freezes then a 60 second cool-down period begins (so it’ll try again every minute till someone isn’t there).


Dark Ages Collective Note: Both Dark Ages Medieval and New Age Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay use a custom loot plugin. We will look at how the loot has been effected and will make adjustments as needed over the next few days! We may also look into how certain Key Cards are accuired but will keep everyone updated on the ways to obtain said Key Cards!


2. Unity and Performance: Now for the elephant in the room: is performance going to be better this update? The short answer is: probably not.

Yes, the game is running on a new version of Unity. And yes, this new version opens up the possibility of offloading certain processes to alternate threads. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do this out of the box. Each optimization must be manually completed, and the devs didn’t get any of that work in for this update. In addition to this, the new version has created some issues which cause the game to crash. The developers are aware of this, but it’s unclear how many fixes will make it in prior to the update going live.

That means you can expect server performance to still be shoddy across the board (especially on larger or longer wipe servers) but remember, this is a game wide issue and not related to any particular server / host.


3. Spas 12 Buff: At the request on the community, the Facepunch Devs has increased the damage dealt by the Spas12 shotgun. It now does 135 damage instead of 105.


4. Hapis Improvements: Facepunch has done a bunch of tweaks and improvements to the Hapis island map. Although the monument puzzles have not been added yet, the Outpost monument is now in along with some extra islands in the south. As usual, Hapis additions run a bit behind those to procedural maps, so expect more in the coming month.


5. New Diving Gear Models: Facepunch has done an update on some of the diving suit model art. Although this does not change the functionality in any manner, shape, or form, it does provide a fresh look to the diving tank, mask, and fins.


6. AI Improvements: Facepunch has done a ton of commits over the past several weeks on improving AI. Along with enhancements to animal behavior, they have completed a ton of shifts to scientists including better target detection, movement, cover finding, and more.


7. Upcoming Rust Changes:

  • Facepunch has started work on allowing for custom maps to be made in the future.
  • Progress on Bandit town continues moving forward.
  • A new model for C4 may be on the way.
  • More work on the new canoe and oar.





  • Longer despawn timer on gunpowder and sulfur
  • Fixed being able to drink water from rivers forever to heal, maxes out at 50% now
  • Various weapon material tweaks
  • Fixed weapon skins overriding clothing skins on viewmodels
  • Added Savas offshore junkpiles and dive sites
  • Options Menu max gibs 2000 because 10000 is a bad idea (can be set higher via console effects.maxgibs)




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