New Age Technical Issues

Hello everyone! As many of you know we have been experiencing some techinical troubles on New Age. Specifically with NPC’s spawning en mass which is essentially kicking players and causing severe lag. This is a known bug in one of the plugins we use and is essentially nobodies fault. That being said we have found a temp fix to this issue which does not require a force wipe or some other god aweful fix. I will continue to work on this issue and notify the community if anything changes. At this time the server is up and running. Expect a little bit more lag than usual as we work on said issue and try to fix it. We would like to apologize to the community as we know issues like this are very troublesome and frustrating but know we are on the case and working actively! If you notice any other bugs or issues please submit a detailed /ticket and let us know! As always we want to thank everyone for their ongoing cooperation and hope everyone enjoys their time on The Dark Ages Collective Servers!

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