Dark Ages Medieval Fantasy Roleplay


Welcome to The Dark Ages Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Rust Server, one of the longest-running Medieval Servers around! This is a Limited Gun/Explosive server with no general KoS (Killing on Sight) unless you’re in a predefined zone. Bi-Weekly wipes unless specified. We have an expansive player base with more friendly, welcoming players than your general community. We have experienced staff and plugin developers, some of which have been helping for 2 years or more! We offer Roleplay areas, PvP areas, Arena Events and just about everything in between to ensure there is something for everyone! Be sure to read over our rules also available on this website, be nice to other players and staff, roleplay, and have a fun time!
New Direct-Connect Server IP:


⦿ Reduced Upkeep Costs and Increased Upkeep Delay making Upkeep Easier! ⦿

⦿ Limited Guns & Explosives (Eoka, Beancan, Satchel and Fireball Arrows) ⦿

⦿ Raid Grid Locations announced via the f1 menu for more countering! ⦿

⦿ Arena Events including FFA Deathmatch & Capture the Flag ⦿

⦿ Game Key Giveaways & Admin Ran Community Events! ⦿

⦿ Increased Gather Rates 1-3x (Via ZLevels Remastered) ⦿

⦿ No Man’s Land (No KoS/Raid Rules Zone for PvPers) ⦿

⦿ Rafts, Viking Boats, & real usable Drawbridges! ⦿

⦿ Limited Building Tiers (Wood & Stone Only!) ⦿

⦿ Clan & Ally Function (Via ClansREBORN) ⦿

⦿ RP Town for the Hardcore Roleplayers! ⦿

⦿ Increased Loot Tables (Via AlphaLoot) ⦿

⦿ Hostile NPC’s & NPC Merchants ⦿

⦿ Starter, Daily & VIP/VIP+ Kits ⦿

⦿ Full Moon Every Night ⦿

⦿ Community Discord ⦿

⦿ Experienced Staff ⦿