Server Rules

This is a privately owned and operated ROLE-PLAY server.  Upon entering our server you will agree to follow our rules and failure to do so may result in a permanent ban without notice!  If you fail to read these rules you will be punished for any rules broken no matter the excuse!

We highly suggest running a service like Shadowplay or others in the background. While we spend a good amount of time policing, we do so on a purely volunteer basis and cannot be everywhere at once. Video proof is very helpful to prove matters like KOS (or to prove innocence), for instance.


1. Rules of Engagement:


  • Saying “You are going to die” is not RP and will be considered KOS
  • Robbery; the shortest response would be something like “Give me all of your stuff or   we will kill you” afterwards, give them a chance to comply/reply (MINIMUM! 20 seconds). Ensure you are within audible range before attacking, and if running, give them a few seconds to respond/stop.
  • You CAN’T just say “Robbery” and murder them unless they refuse, attack you, or try to run. Then they are open season.
  • If they do give you stuff, (within reason) and you attempt to kill them after, then that is KOS.
  • When robbing someone and you feel that your victim hasn’t been honest, you MAY “Down Check” them, but don’t kill them. You MUST pick them back up. If you kill them, you face KOS charges.
  • You may not “rob” someone of their “flesh” to bypass KOS rules.
  • Personal Protection: If someone approaches you and you say “Don’t come any closer, or I will shoot you” you must attempt to get away. If they continue to follow you, you may engage them. (MINIMUM! 20 seconds).
  • If you or you witness any form of aggression, i.e.; Raiding or Banditry, then you are free to engage the aggressor(s) at will.
  • In response to above; If you are raiding it doesn’t give you permission to shoot passer-by’s wandering through the area. You may force on-lookers to leave (see personal protection).
  • On-lookers be warned if you run into a raid/war zone. This is not permission to be killed, but be warned if you get too close during a fight you may get shot on accident.
  • Self Defense: If you are being robbed you may defend yourself and kill your aggressor after the 20 seconds or within the 20 seconds if you verbally react to the robbery. Also applies to being raided. Please note there is a 30 minute “Revenge” window where KOS is allowed.
  • New: You may not rob the same person within this 30 minute window. This is to prevent corpse camping. It does not apply to raiding (you may raid someone after robbing them/may attack them during a raid). You may also engage personal protection if you believe they are coming to seek revenge (see above).
  • Going AFK and being unable to respond to role-play (robbery or otherwise) IS NOT considered KOS.


2. KOS / RDM:


  • KOS is Kill on Sight or RDM which is Random Death-Match. This is not allowed unless in a permitted predefined area.
  • Initiating PvP without roleplay is KoS, No exceptions.
  • You must first initiate it’s a robbery, then give the 20 second for players to make a response.  Not doing so will result to a KOS.
  • If you are outside or near someone’s base and you see them outside you still have to initiate conversation(robbery, courtesy raid call out, etc), killing them is still KOS.
  • If you “Down Check” someone and kill them, it will be KOS.
  • Killing any and all sleepers is permitted.
  • KOS is a PERMA-BANNABLE offense.
  • Base Camping is considered the same as KOS.
  • You can not shoot anyone outside your building without proper cause.
  • If you are KOSed, please submit a /ticket


3. KOS Zones:


  • KOS is permitted INSIDE zones around the rad/monument areas.
  • You will be alerted when you enter the zone, so there shouldn’t be any misunderstanding.
  • Do not block off Rad Towns / KOS Zones with walls of any sort!  If we find one blocked off, the user will face repercussions.
  • If your base is close to the KOS Zones and you do get KOS’d, it’s free game and admins will not assist.
  • You may NOT shoot into a KOS from outside of it.
  • If engaged in a KOS Zone and you run OUT you can still be attacked


4. Global Chat / Offensive Material/Language and Role-playing:


     4-a. Communications:

  • Any offensive language is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and may result in a permanent ban.
  • Racial/homophobic language will result in a swift ban.
  • Please do not be vulgar in Global Chat. Global Chat should be used for community outreach and general talk. We have private messages and clan chat for a reason!
  • Please attempt to use Parenthesis for Global Chat when not in character eg. (Question for admins, can you upgrade past stone walls?).
  • If you have a problem with a ban/kick, post on the Steam Group discussions or on the Forums. Putting it in Global Chat may get you muted or banned.
  • Please Respect the Admin’s Decisions, badmouthing them over their ruling will not get the situation fixed and may result in more kicks or bans.
  • Badmouthing the server and/or admins will result in a mute, kick, or ban. Respectful, constructive criticism is appreciated and welcomed instead.
  • Mic Spam will not be permitted (screaming through the mic or making obnoxious noises through mic).
  • Excessive smack-talk in global will be squelched if it is dominating chat. We do not tolerate excessive trolling!
  • Advertising for other servers or games is not permitted.


     4-b. Role-play:

  • Roleplay is encouraged! It makes all encounters more interesting and enhances the morale of the server. Good Role-players may be rewarded!
  • Any type of Erotic Roleplay is not allowed on the server and will NOT be tolerated!
  • You may NOT Role-play as Donald Trump, a murderer, a bounty hunter, an assassin, cannibal or any other politician in order to bypass the KOS rule!


    4-c. Names and Clan Tags

  • We do not allow offensive names or clan tags. If you have to ask, you probably can’t have it.
  • This includes names of politicians/religious figures
  • If at any time an admin asks you to change your name/clan tag you will do it or face a possible ban.


6. Raiding:


     6-a. Home/Base Owner:

  • If you are away from your base you may engage anyone who is attacking a base, even if it’s not your own.
  • During a raid, the homeowner of the home may fix and/or add walls and doors.
  • During a raid, the homeowner may NOT block loot/themselves with walls/floors to hide with the intentions of /removing later!
  • During a raid, the homeowner may NOT despawn loot!  Anyone caught doing so may be banned without notice.
  • During a raid, the homeowner may NOT use /bgrade to replace anything!  If caught doing so you may have your /bgrade permissions revoked and face a possible ban.


     6-b. Raiding Party:

  • Attempting to; Breakdown, build into, or force open door IS initializing a raid.
  •         /remove to take away walls from a clan, community or other person’s base         you were apart of in order to raid or get back in is considered griefing.
  • If you are raiding someone and break down walls, you may NOT replace any walls.
  •         Drawbridges are allowed for raiding.
  • The raiding party may not block in things with walls, like cupboards, sleeping bags, chests or players.
  • You can’t take over a house or castle after it has been recently raided, although if it remains vacant for at least 24 hours then you may claim it as your own.  The best way to tell if it is vacant is to check if it is looted and if the majority of the foundations are below 50% health.
  • Please note if you take over an abandoned base it may be deleted via our AutoPurge plugin. To ensure this doesn’t happen please submit a /ticket so an admin can give you ownership of the building. Failing to do so can result in the base disappearing!
  • When raiding a Compound adding cupboards that are walled in is Griefing. You may place a cupboard inside your raid base.
  • Clearing another bases TC is allowed but, you may NOT block it back off in any form including doors and walls.
  • Walling off TCs within raid towers is not permitted.
  • You may NOT raid or ATTEMPT to raid the same base within a 36 HOUR period. If you break this rule, you may be permanently banned without notice.
  • This will not take effect until after the raid has ENDED. Disconnections, Resupplying, and re-spawning is considered, and there is a 10-minute window of inactivity before a raid is considered concluded unless manually declared by the raiding party.
  • This server is a Role-playing server.  Raiding should not be a means to wipe out other clans/players or meant to be used to make someone quit the server!


      6-c. Types of Raiding:

  • Vacant Raiding; is permitted.
  • Offline Raiding; is  permitted, although looked down upon! This is a Roleplay server!
  • Online Raiding; is permitted.
  • Counter Raiding: If you come across another raiding party, you may engage them mid-raid.
  • War may be announced between or multiple clans 
  • War has the same rules as a Raid; except for the following:
  • A War must be sanctioned by an Admin
  • The clans/groups partaking in the war must be known (in the sense the homeowners must know who they are at war with)
  • A War is an hour.  
  • Participants in the war may KOS/RDM each other (this is no excuse to KOS onlookers: see raiding rules)
  • Once a clan wishes to withdraw from a war, their opponents have a 5-minute window to stop KOS activities. (No ending a War to try and get opponents banned for KOS immediately)
  • If a war is “over” and a raid is still in progress, it may continue. Normal raiding rules will then apply.
  • Please Note: Anyone caught lag raiding of any sort will be banned.
  • Initiating or causing any lag of any sort will cause perma-ban.


7. Building / Griefing:


      7-a. Building:

  • You may not have any buildings past stone! This includes sheet metal and armored bases. (You cannot upgrade if you tried anyways).
  • Metal doors are not permitted (can’t craft or find).
  • Metal EMBRASURES are allowed, although metal window bars are NOT (can’t craft or find).
  • During a raid, the base owner(s) is/are allowed to add and fix walls. It is their base. (Except if it is to wall off doors for later removal with the Removal tool)
  • Prison Cells/Gates and floors are allowed.
  • You may not place “KOS” signs or other signs about your base as an excuse/reason to kill people near your base. Only entering a walled off base would be considered as trespassing/raiding, and eligible for KOS. (You may force people to leave the area around your base, similar to “Personal Protection” above).
  • You may place Tool Cupboards to reserve land where you wish to build. However, if a base is not built in their area within 12 hours, it is subject to the same rules as taking over an abandoned base. (Abuse of this to claim territory will result in TCs being destroyed)


      7-b. Griefing:

  • Destroying Work In Progress buildings that are twig.
  • No trapping / boxing people in. This can be in any form of blocking the homeowner(s) and their sleeping bags and loot.
  • A raiding party cannot block in things like; cupboards, sleeping bags, or chests.
  • Editing or destroying pictures/signs in another base.
  • Blocking off a base-owners cleared TC is considered griefing. You may clear the TC but may not block it back off.
  • Placing signs in another base.
  • Barricading or ‘trapping’ raided buildings
  • Despawning loot/destroying boxes (boxes protecting rooms/other boxes/TCs may be destroyed)
  • Placing bear traps around the map that are not for base defense is considered griefing (especially in the main NPC town).
  • Destroying foundations without need. If the only way to access your loot is destroying a base, be prepared to lose your base.


      7-c. /Remove Tool:

  • You may NOT block off loot or yourself when you go offline.
  • If you are being raided and put up a wall to block a door to later be removed with this tool you will be BANNED!
  • The /remove feature is ONLY for base editing for mistakes and should not be abused.
  •          /remove to take away walls from a clan, community or other person’s base         you were apart of in order to raid or get back in is considered griefing.


7-d. /Bgrade Tool:

  • You may only use /bgrade 1 (Wood) or /bgrade 2 (Stone).
  • You may not use the /bgrade feature during a raid!  Anyone caught doing so may have their /bgrade permissions revoked and face a possible ban!
  • You will still be required to have the materials in order to use /bgrade.


 8. NPC Towns:


     8-a. Can do:

  • You can buy and sell things with the economy system in the towns by walking up to the NPC and pressing “e”.
  • Trade with players and group together.


     8-b. Can’t do:

  • You can not use towns as an advantage! this means you can’t shoot out of a town/safe zone at people. This also includes the area just outside the walls which are a safe zone.
  • There is no killing in towns (PvP is blocked).
  • You may not rob in the NPC Area of town. This includes camping the NPC zone to rob players leaving/entering the town.
  • Towns are not a place to logout in. You will be looted by players, and possibly killed by an admin to reduce lag.
  • Do not block people inside the buildings in the town.
  • Do not place deployable’s (traps, water catchers, cement blocks, beds etc)


     8-c. How to find them:

  • The NPC towns are -inside- the walls which have banners on it. It also always lights up at night.
  • The NPC towns are located on icons on the mini-map. You can see them better when you type /map or press M.


 9. Allowed / Not allowed Items:


  • A full list of allowed and disallowed items may be found here. —–> Item List
  • You MAY craft metal tools AND armor.
  • Fire and Explosive Arrows (You must have the necessary components to use).
  • Fire Arrows require 15 Cloth and 15 Low-Grade Fuel per arrow.  Fireball requires the same plus 10 Gun Powder.
  • You may shoot Fire/Fireball Arrows by equipping a bow/crossbow and pressing your middle mouse button.
  • Alternatively, press f1 and type bind “key” “firearrow” to bind the arrow toggle to the specified key.
  • Restricted Items (an item that is allowed but has stipulations).
  • Prison Cells/walls – Allowed.
  • Metal Shop Fronts – They are allowed to be crafted and used. You may not use them to block loot long term or over night as they are meant to help facilitate trading ONLY.
  • Certain types of clothing – Certain skins of items will be able to be purchased in NPC towns.
  • NOTE: After server wipes, if for some reason disallowed items spawn in, anyone caught with or using said disallowed items will be permanently banned without notice.


10. Revenge:

  • If you get killed, you have a 30 minute window to seek your revenge.


11. Admins / Help:


     11-a. Admin info:

  • Admins may not directly respond to you about a KOS and we will not randomly ban people that are claimed to KOSers.
  • Lying to an admin may result in a ban. Disrespecting or being a smart ass to an admin may result in a ban.
  • Being polite, respectful, and reasonable with an admin will often help situations work in your favor!
  • Admins will not TP people who are stuck in caves, in a base they have raided, etc. Explore/raid at your own risk.
  • Admins may TP a fresh spawn if they are trapped in a base.


     11-b. Punishments:

  • Don’t bad mouth admins or make claims of admin abuse. Make a claim on the Forum.
  • If you get banned, do not go to another admin in order to get unbanned from discord, forums, in-game.  You may however place a ban appeal in our steam group or forums.
  • If you want to report a player or admin please refer to forums by clicking here.
  • If you have been banned you may go to the forums and post a ban appeal on the forums.
  • Using an alt (Alternate account) to get past a ban is an instant PERMABAN.
  • False accusations of non-compliance of rules will result in a ban


12. Wipe Information:


  • 2 Week/Monthly wipe (first Thursday of every month) is a full wipe everything is erased besides clans.
  • If there are 5 Thursdays in the month, we will announce the wipe schedule. Normally with 5 Thursdays, we will have a 1-week cycle!

List of Commands for the server can be found