Medieval RP Rules

Dark Ages Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Server Rules

Dark Ages Medieval Fantasy Roleplay IP:


This is a privately owned and operated ROLE-PLAY server.  Upon entering our server you will agree to follow our rules and failure to do so may result in a permanent ban without notice!  If you fail to read these rules you will be punished for any rules broken no matter the excuse!

Welcome to Dark Ages Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Rust Server! We have a few specific rules we ask all players to abide by! They will be gone over on this page so please read over the following carefully! If you break a rule you will be Permanently Banned until appeal! Everyone is here to have fun and we will not tolerate players coming in for the sole purpose of ”Messing” with our community!



  • Global chat is used for general community interaction. If you are not IC (In-Character) or OOC (Out Of Character) please include (()) around your message (Ex. ((Where is the server located?)) ). This is to help overall immersion and keep everyone on the same page! You may chat without (()) in your Clan/Ally chat (/c and /a) or in Private Messages (/pm and /r)!             
    If at any time you use Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic, or just plain offensive language in global or through in-game voice, you may receive a mute if we are in a decent mood. If you are a habitual offender you will be Permanently Banned from all of The Dark Ages Collective Servers!


  • No Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic, or just plain offensive Clan Tags, Signs, Notes, Global Chat (As mentioned above), Voice Chat, or if VIP+, Custom Titles. If you have to ask, you probably cannot have it. If you choose to use an offensive Tag or Title anyways, we may delete your Clan or Chat Title and revoke your Clan and Chat Title permissions or Permanently Ban you! Don’t be childish and don’t test us!


  • All forms of PVP are allowed in Monuments and Event Areas! You will be notified via chat message when you enter any of these zones and when you leave said zone. PVP/Raiding will also be enabled map wide for 2 hours, after every 3 hours of ”No PVP/Raid” Time. You will be notified via an audible alert and chat message when PVP/Raiding is enabled Map Wide! This is known as the ”Voice of the Gods” This may be the Dark Ages, but we encourage you to talk and socialize first rather than just going in fighting, without a word.



  • No player/base griefing of any kind! Being raided is going to happen but there is no reason to be a douche-bag about things. No blocking in unowned TC’s, no walling in TC’s you placed in a base you do not own, no destroying another players signs unless it’s the ONLY way to get to a loot/TC room, no foundation wiping, no door camping, no walling in yourself or loot (Can only use /remove on Twig, Wood, and Stone tier to allow builders room to make mistakes but once you upgrade to Sheet or Armored you will no longer be able to /remove it! Build with this in mind. More clarification below.), no taking over another players base (Base Owners will be allowed one /home TP, so it isn’t really something you want to do anyways!), no blocking in another base owner/base owners loot/base owners bed. Destroying beds/sleeping bags during a raid is fine.


  • No walling off loot with the intent of it only being accessed by owners via /remove or dying and respawning on a bag in a walled off area. Loot and TC’s must be visible to raiders (behind doors, low wall/half wall, windows). There are many creative ways to hide loot that do not violate these rules.


  • No Harassment! This is Rust, so normal banter and shit-talking is expected. Excessive harassment of a personal nature as well as repetitive or habitual toxicity is unwelcome. Try to keep your shit-talk within roleplay. In-real-life threats and personal, non-gameplay-related attacks will not be tolerated. (Ex. You can tell someone they can’t aim or that their base looks like a homeless shelter, but telling them you hope they get aids or that you’re going to fuck their sister is unwarranted.) Players caught breaking this rule will be Permanently Banned!


  • No erotic roleplay in global chat. If you want to have a brothel, whore house, etc, you are free to do so. At no point can you force someone into an erotic roleplay scenario. Jokes, insults, or roleplay involving rape are strictly forbidden and will result in a Permanent Ban!
    Please keep signs featuring graphic nudity inside your base and not on the outside. The idea is that players must choose to see them and not be forced to. If this cannot be done in a mature way, we will outlaw all erotic images and all ERP from the server again!