Medieval RP Rules

Dark Ages Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Server Rules

Dark Ages Medieval Fantasy Roleplay IP:


This is a privately owned and operated ROLE-PLAY server.  Upon entering our server you will agree to follow our rules and failure to do so may result in a permanent ban without notice!  If you fail to read these rules you will be punished for any rules broken no matter the excuse!

We highly suggest running a service like Shadowplay or others in the background. While we spend a good amount of time policing, we do so on a purely volunteer basis and cannot be everywhere at once. Video proof is very helpful to prove matters like KOS (or to prove innocence), for instance.



TL;DR Rules:

  • -No racism/homophobia/sexually explicit chat, notes, names, signs, etc.
  • -No griefing.
  • -No KOS or PVP outside of defined zones/situations. Do not engage in any PVP unless you have read the associated rules thoroughly.
  • -No raiding the same base/compound/town more than once every 36 hours.
  • -No walling off loot/tool cupboards or using building exploits. No misuse of the /remove tool.



Frequently Asked Questions:

  • -99% of your questions are answered in /info
  • -There is no heli, no tank, and no radiation.
  • -There are no supply drops. Instead we have Treasure Chests that spawn inside a big red circle on the map. The entire red circle is NOT a KOS zone, but the area near the chest is. You will get a chat notification when you are close to the chest. We also have Treasure Maps with Buried Treasure. More info on that available on the Unique Plugin Info tab of the /info
  • -There is decay on this server. It is, however, reduced.
  • -You are ALWAYS allowed to kill sleepers.
  • -We have a lot of plugins and all of the associated chat commands are found in /info
  • -Yes, there is raiding/PVP. Do not engage in any form of PVP until you have read all of the associated rules.




  • -Roleplay is encouraged and is what makes this server unique and fun. Good role-players will be rewarded!
  • -Joining a clan or town is not required to have fun on this server. Make a starter base and get to know people. Eventually you will find friends.
  • -You cannot use your personal roleplay as an excuse to get around any of the rules. Bounty hunters, murderers, assassins, cannibals, etc, are still subject to the rules.
  • -This is a roleplay server, not a PVE-only server. If you build a purely roleplay structure (like a church or restaurant) it is still able to be raided.
  • -Despite declaring yourself peaceful, neutral, and friendly, you may still be raided or robbed. Again, this is not a PVE-only server.




  • -You can build towns, bases, purely roleplay structures, etc.
  • -You can build twig, wood, and stone (other tiers are blocked).
  • -If you can place a foundation, you’re allowed to build there.
  • -You cannot wall off loot or tool cupboards.
  • -You cannot place boxes behind the low wall/half wall hole. That is walling off loot.
  • -You cannot block doors with furnaces, workbenches, boxes, etc. Only rugs may be used to block doors/passages.
  • -Rugs are the only thing that is allowed to be used to block or hide loot.
  • -Your base must have a door.
  • -You cannot use building exploits or glitches.
  • -The /remove tool is for fixing base mistakes only. It is not to be used to hide loot or to grief someone’s base. If you have to use /remove to get to something, you’re breaking the rules. You cannot use the /remove tool during a raid for any reason.
  • -You can make rules for a town, provided they are displayed inside the town in the entrance. Those who willingly enter the town are subject to those rules.
  • -You cannot wall off monuments. You can wall off a cave, but only if you own every plot inside.



Claiming Bases:

  • -In order to take over a base, you need an admin to transfer ownership to you. Make a /ticket and we will give it to you. Don’t start moving in until ownership has been transferred.
  • -A base must be vacant or abandoned for a full 24 hours before you can claim it as your own.
  • -It is easy to tell if a base has been abandoned, or just recently raided and decay has just set in. Don’t start moving in to a base that has just started decaying.
  • -You must want to actually live in the base and use it. You can’t just take ownership of a base you raided as a trophy. That’s griefing.
  • -Placing doors or locks on a base that isn’t yours without permission from the owner is griefing.



KOS Zones:

  • -Named monuments and caves are KOS zones. When you enter or exit them, you will receive a chat notification telling you that you have entered or left. The chat notification is there for your convenience, it is not the definitive border.
  • -Don’t try to kill people that are near a monument and say you thought they were in the zone when they clearly were not. That is dumb. Don’t be dumb.
  • -The other side of that coin… Stay far away from KOS zones if you don’t want to be attacked.
  • -You can’t shoot from inside a KOS zone at players that are clearly outside of it.
  • -You can’t shoot into a KOS zone when you are clearly outside of it.
  • -Please don’t say that you were killed in a non-KOS zone… Everywhere is a non-KOS zone except KOS zones.
  • -This should be obvious, but if you’re raiding, you’re allowed to kill defenders…even if it’s not in a KOS zone…because rarely do people build in KOS zones…




  • -No racism, nationalism, homophobia, misogyny, or other forms of hate-speech. There are no excuses for this.
  • -Attempts to get around the chat filter will result in a mute.
  • -If an admin asks you to change a name/sign/clan tag, do so immediately without argument.
  • -No erotic roleplay.
  • -Sexual harassment will result in a swift and permanent ban.
  • -Server-bashing will result in a ban. If you don’t like the server, you don’t have to stay.
  • -Constructive criticism of the server is welcome on our forums and in our discord channels.
  • -Claims of admin abuse or favoritism are to be made in our forums, not global chat.




  • -You must be within audible range before initiating a robbery.
  • -If your target is actively moving, you must ask them to stop and be sure that they heard you. If they refuse to stop for the robbery, you can attack them.
  • -You must make your demands clear. (Give me all your stone, drop everything you have including clothes).
  • -You must give the person you are robbing 20 seconds to start dropping loot.
  • -If you think the person is being dishonest you may down-check them. If you down-check them, you must make an effort to heal them after you pick them up.
  • -If the person you are robbing 1. Tries to run away, 2. Defends themself by shooting/attacking, 3. Or refuses to drop loot after 20 seconds, then you may kill them.
  • -Leave any loot you don’t want on the body of the person you robbed. Do not despawn loot off the body of the person you robbed.



Personal Protection:

  • -If someone is following you, or hanging out near your base or town, you can instruct them to leave. If they refuse, you can tell them they have 20 seconds to leave. If they do not leave, you can kill them.
  • -If the person walks a short distance away from your area but decides to hang out nearby for no reason and says something to the effect of “I left your base, I’m just going to stand here away from your base” then they are trolling and you can kill them.
  • -If you approach someone’s base and they tell you to leave or they will kill you, you can engage them. You can only fight them if they threaten your life first.




  • -Grace period during first 24h of wipe. No raiding (plugin-enforced, type /canraid to see if it has expired). The plugin prevents damaging structures that you didn’t create. During the Grace period, you may not walk/jump/ladder in to bases that have no door/roof.
  • -Door-camping is not allowed. Do not post guards at a base while members of your group go to get raiding materials. That is door-camping.
  • -Damaging a door/wall, building into or sneaking into a compound, and placing ladders are all forms of initiating a raid.
  • -A raid does not officially begin just because a raid notification was triggered. Stray arrows and stuff like that aren’t a raid. Don’t get stupid with this.
  • -You CAN destroy bags/beds during a raid.
  • -You can kill defenders during a raid.
  • -You cannot raid the same structure/base/town/compound more than once every 36 hours (see Raid timer)
  • -You cannot KOS someone outside their base and then start raiding. Tell them you are going to raid them first and let them go inside.
  • -Resupplying during a raid is allowed, but if you stop raiding for more than 10 minutes, the raid is over.
  • -Purposefully despawning loot by either the owner or raider is not allowed during a raid.
  • -You can destroy TC’s during a raid and you can place an UNLOCKED and UNBLOCKED TC in its place.
  • -Use of the /remove tool during a raid is NOT ALLOWED (Example: You cannot use the /remove tool to escape with loot).



Raid Timer:

  • -The purpose of the Raid Timer is to prevent harassment-raiding. It is to prevent one group from raiding the same person over and over again in a short period of time.
  • -Once you raid a base, compound, or town, you cannot raid it again for 36 hours.
  • -A base is a base. A town is an interconnected series of bases. A compound is multiple structures that are/aren’t connected but are surrounded by external walls. A compound’s walls do not need to be in a complete circle for the compound to be considered a compound, especially if the town borders the ocean or a mountain.
  • The Raid Timer DOES NOT mean that once you have been raided that all of a sudden no one is allowed to raid you for 36 hours.
  • Example 1: If person A raids person B and the raid is over, person A cannot raid person B for 36 hours. But person C can raid person B immediately after person A is done.
  • Example 2: Person A raids person B’s base. Person A cannot raid that base for 36 hours. But person B has another base much further away. Person A can raid the other base immediately after raiding person B’s first base.
  • Example 3. Person A raids person B’s base. Five hours later, person B builds more bases around the first base and surrounds them with external walls. The base is now part of a compound. Because person A raided the original base five hours ago, they cannot raid that compound for 31 more hours, as the base they raided is now part of a compound.



Raiding Materials:

  • -Primarily, people use satchels and fireball arrows (plugin information in /info) to raid.
  • -Bean can grenades cannot be crafted, only found. Satchels can be found and crafted using beancans that you find. This may seem odd, but it balances raiding in our system. Trust us, it works just fine.
  • -Pick and spear-raiding are also common.
  • -Ladders can be placed inside building blocked zones and are used for raiding. Keep this in mind while building your base!




  • -You cannot build or place items in someone else’s base in an effort to block access to loot, rooms, the base itself, etc. Do not wall off people or sleepers.
  • -Despawning loot during a raid (either by raiders or defenders) is not allowed and is considered griefing. If you take something from one box, change your mind, and decide you don’t want it, put it back in a box. There is no reason to purposefully despawn loot during a raid other than to be an asshole. Don’t do it, or create the perception that you are.
  • -Do not destroy unlocked boxes.
  • -You cannot edit or destroy signs in someone’s base for any reason. Signs out in open territory are not under this protection (i.e. signs claiming territory, signs that advertise, etc).
  • -Do not place signs in a base that isn’t yours.
  • -You cannot foundation wipe.
  • -Do not change codes to deny access to a base.
  • -Do not destroy in-progress bases/twig structures unless it is absolutely necessary for your raid.
  • -Do not place signs or items around a base in an attempt to harass the owners.
  • -Do not purposefully destroy items such as refineries, furnaces, or workbenches. Splash damage happens, but you don’t need to focus these sorts of items, especially if they aren’t anywhere near the path to loot.



Allowed items:

  • -If you can find it, craft it, or buy it in /s, then it is allowed. Unallowed items cannot be acquired in the world.
  • -There is a full allowed item list in /info
  • -Some items can only be found and cannot be crafted, so check the list before wasting scrap researching them. (Example: Garage doors, beancan grenades.)
  • -If you somehow come across unallowed items or things that are obviously not supposed to be there (a stack of 1000 crossbows), notify an admin immediately.




  • -Treat admins with respect and they will treat you with respect.
  • -A level head and calm and decent attitude go a long way in getting issues solved.
  • -Use /ticket to contact admins about rulebreaking. Do NOT spam chat asking for admins and do NOT send them private messages.
  • -There are also #support and #medieval-violations channels in our discord for you to ask for admin assistance.
  • -If someone griefs your base, do not destroy the evidence. Make a /ticket and an admin will investigate.
  • -Join the Dark Ages discord for new, updates, event info and bi-weekly server meetings.
  • -If you witness rule-breaking, make a /ticket. Do not spam chat with “ADMIN TP TO ME NOW!” or “KOS ADMIN COME QUICK”. We are often engaged with tasks and we aren’t always staring at chat.
  • -If someone KOS’s you, keep quiet and make a /ticket. Admins can follow them and catch them in the act. If you cry about it in global chat, they’ll know we’re watching them and they’ll stop KOSing.
  • -If someone griefs your base, do not destroy the evidence. Make a /ticket and an admin will be able to see who did it.
  • -Do not argue with admin decisions in global chat. Request a private conversation.
  • -Bans are admin decisions and only admins know the whole story and all of the variables. If you feel a player should or should not have been banned, or if you disagree with players being unbanned, request to speak with an admin privately. You can ask, but admins DO NOT OWE YOU AN EXPLANATION FOR MATTERS THAT DON’T CONCERN YOU.



Wipe Info:

  • -Wipes are every two weeks, unless there are five thursdays in a month or an unexpected force wipe occurs. In which case, we have one-week wipes with increased gather rates.




  • -Diadem Vale (Name May Change at Times) is the server-sponsored RP Town. It is marked on the map.
  • -Portals to the RP Town are marked on the map.
  • -The town houses NPC merchants and is used as a friendly gathering place and roleplay structure.
  • -The RP Town has a central hub placed by Wizards on wipe day. The rest of the town is built by its citizens.
  • -The town is zoned for no PVP. There is no decay, and the buildings cannot be damaged.
  • -Citizens of the RP-Town have the blue [RP-Town] tag. They cannot raid or rob and cannot store materials for you in the town. To become a citizen, speak with an admin about applying for membership.
  • -You cannot abuse the RP Town zone. You cannot camp outside and rob people who leave. You cannot run inside the zone during a fight. You cannot shoot people who are outside the zone while you are inside.




  • -The quest vendor is an NPC located in the RP Town (marked on map)
  • -Press ‘e’ on the quest vendor to see available quests.
  • -The loot and gather quests take their required items on harvest or gather. So, if you get the Gather Animal Fat quest, you’ll notice that you’re not getting animal fat in your inventory when you harvest animals. If this upsets you, type /q and cancel the quest.
  • -Quests do NOT require you to bring anything back to the quest vendor. When you have completed a quest, type /q and select ‘claim’ to get your reward.
  • -Once you accept a quest, you CANNOT use items you already have toward quest progress. As stated above, the quests take items on gather. For example, you can’t get the Gather Wood quest and just go back to your base and pick up a stack of wood.
  • -Type /q to view quest progress, claim rewards for completed quests, and cancel active quests.



Server Currency:

  • -Two types of currency are used in Dark Ages, coins and Gold Florins(GF).
  • -View your available coins by typing /balance. View your available GF by typing /s.
  • -Coins are used at merchant NPC’s. GF is used in the in-game store. Access it by typing /s in chat.
  • -Coins can be obtained by selling items to the NPC vendors in the RP Town.
  • -GF can be obtained by:
  1. Selling research paper in /s during the last four days of the wipe cycle
  2. Completing quests from the quest vendor
  3. Participating in the arena deathmatch events in /menu
  4. Participating in server events like Castle Wars.



Hostile NPC’s:

  • -Hostile NPC’s are found in No Man’s Land and at monuments. They sound like scientists, but their attire and weapons are medieval-themed.
  • -Hostile NPC’s are not supposed to be easy! Go with a group or make sure you are properly geared before facing them!
  • -If you are killed by an NPC, don’t make a /ticket saying you were KOS’d. We will laugh at you.




  • -Revenge-KOS is NOT ALLOWED.
  • -You cannot KOS someone because they robbed you. You cannot KOS someone because you tried to rob them and you failed. You cannot KOS someone because they robbed your friend a while ago.
  • -If someone raids you and the raid is over (either declared to be concluded by the raiders or ten minutes has passed since the raiders left) then it is over. If you find them later after the raid is over and try to kill them then that is KOS.




  • -Anyone can attack raiders or robbers if they PERSONALLY witness the aggression. If you can see someone raiding or robbing on your screen and you know for sure that is what they are doing, then you can attack them.
  • -They must be actively engaged in a raid or robbery before you can attack them. Example: You can’t attack people that you think you saw raiding just a little while ago.
  • -If your friends tell you in discord that they see a raid or robbery, and you find and attack those people who are not raiding or robbing when you encounter them, that is KOS. You must PERSONALLY witness the aggression ON YOUR SCREEN before engaging.



Claiming Bases:

  • -Do not ever “take over” a base unless an admin has approved it. Except in No Man’s Land. Anything goes in there.
  • -A base must be vacant or abandoned for a full 24 hours before you can claim it as your own.
  • -It is easy to tell if a base has been abandoned, or just recently raided and decay has just set in. Don’t start moving in to a base that has just started decaying.
  • -You must want to actually live in the base and use it. You can’t just take ownership of a base you raided as a trophy. That’s griefing.
  • -In order to take over a base, you need an admin to transfer ownership to you. Make a /ticket and we will give it to you. Don’t start moving in until ownership has been transferred.



No Man’s Land:

  • -No Man’s Land is a walled-off, marked area on the map where KOS and Raiding rules do not apply.
  • -You can kill anyone inside NML at any time for any reason.
  • -There are hostile NPC’s in NML. They are exceptionally strong and hard to kill. Beware…
  • -If you raid a base that is inside NML, you can raid it over and over again. The Raid Timer does not apply in NML.
  • -You can door-camp bases in NML.
  • -You can grief bases in NML.
  • -You can take over bases in NML immediately.




  • All plugin information is in /info. Here are a few important ones:
  • Tickets – Type /ticket to see ticket commands
  • Private Message – Type “/pm PlayerName Message” to pm another player. You can use partial names or put the name in quotes if needed. (Example: “/pm poowa hello” would pm PooWater)(Example: “/pm “Yog the” hello” would pm Yog the Witchdoctor)
  • Clans – Type /clan to see clan commands
  • Kits – Type /kit to get a starter kit
  • Rafts – Type /raft to see raft commands
  • Viking Boats – Similar to rafts, type / to make a viking boat
  • Remove – Type /remove to start removing, then face the object you want to remove and left click. Some items have a cost, others are free.
  • Fireball Arrows – With low grade fuel, cloth, and gunpowder in your inventory, pull out your bow. Middle click or type /firearrow to activate fire arrows. When you see the icon in the lower left, shoot.




  • -Raiding and robbing are not to be used as a means to drive someone off the server. If your conflict has gone so far that you feel the need to harass someone until they quit the server, you are toxic and wrong.
  • -Threats to raid or rob or harass in an attempt to get someone to leave the server are not allowed.
  • -Toxicity is not welcome. Roleplay and have fun, don’t be an asshole.
  • -Making fun of donators or claiming that this server is pay-to-win is unwelcome toxic behavior. Donators receive no special treatment and are subject to the same rules as everyone else.
  • -Chasing players or clans into our server from another server with the intent to harass them is not allowed. If you joined the server specifically to ruin someone’s fun, leave. We’ll help you leave if necessary.
  • -Harassment of female players (because they are female) will not be tolerated. Excuses that reference “historical accuracy” will be seen as trolling and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • -In-real-life threats or excessive harassment out-of-game that is brought to the attention of the admins will be investigated and dealt with on a case-by-case basis.




  • -We strongly recommend using recording software like shadowplay. Admins only hand out punishments when there is conclusive evidence.
  • -Admins primarily warn and make amends for rule-breaking.
  • -More severe offenses will result in the offender being jailed.
  • -If you are jailed, listen to the admin who jailed you and read the rules.
  • -The most severe offenses will result in a temporary or permanent ban.
  • -Bans can be appealed in our forums at
  • -Do not argue in global chat about someone being banned.
  • -Do not type #free<name> in chat if your friend was jailed/banned.
  • -Admins do not owe you an explanation for matters that do not concern you (why another player got banned, etc).